[Noisebridge-discuss] Advice re: office/work/sleep space, alternative housing, vintage clothes

glamortramp glamortramp at riseup.net
Sat Feb 11 09:39:26 UTC 2012

Apologies if anyone finds this off-topic or not hacker-related enough, 
but I was thinking it does sort of tie in to the recent discussion re: 
sleeping in a workspace, finding alternatives to SF rent ("housing 
hacking") & of course as we know there is a pronounced overlap between 
squatters & hackers both here & abroad:

I've been thinking about renting a small office/work space to use as a 
combination work- and sleepspace (since I'm currently living "at large" 
and all). ActivSpace is the company I'm most familiar with. You can rent 
them starting from $250/300 a month and they have a location in the 
Mission. You aren't supposed to sleep in them, but I don't see how they 
could regulate that, especially if you were a largely nocturnal 
creature, like me. Has anyone tried this and have pros/cons?

Apropos - I've been in contact w/ people who are currently squatting 
(again) at the place we got kicked out of last month, and they said my 
stuff is still there & I can pick it up this weekend! Which is 
Excellent. (Not having clothes, not to mention all the personal, 
sentimental stuff, was Unexcellent.) Except now I need to find a place 
to stash it, since I'm still living "at large" at the moment. So this 
office space idea would work great - especially since much of the 
clothing is vintage that I want to sell. (I have some things  to donate 
to the clothing hackers @ NB, if desired - some nice upcycled vintage 
mens/unisex stuff - or maybe we could collaborate on it as a business 
venture? I have an Etsy store I'd like to develop.) In other words, it 
all ties together: the clothing is part of "work," and work and sleep 
are connected since I don't have a house, so this seems like one 
possible way to tie it all together.

Any info from experienced sources very much appreciated. I suspect I've 
as yet only scraped the surface of "alternative housing" options in the 

gl at m aka Tony

Glam.......or Tramp?

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