[Noisebridge-discuss] oogle gate surfing

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Feb 15 09:35:50 UTC 2012

Well at least now you know who he is, and if you can remember his face you 
might make sure not to let him in again - if you feel the way i do about 

If you had been feeling like it, you could have told him, "sorry, I don't 
know you" and just not let him in.  But i can understand why you wouldn't 
want to do that (it's uncomfortable).

right now i'm working on the gate code pad for number-pad entry.

hopefully soon it will be second-nature to automatically refuse any 
tailgators, as the lack of a code will be a red flag that someone doesn't 
know how to get a code.

tonight we talked about this stuff a lot in the meeting.

And then Delta was here again, after the meeting, this is the guy who 
makes weapons and asked me for pot and has been sleeping here.  He is not 
here to hack and I want to ask him to not come here anymore.


Claudia wrote:
On 2/13/2012 5:56 AM, Tom L wrote:
> Do not let someone into Noisebridge unless you are comfortable taking
> responsibility for their actions. This means that you should only let
> in someone you know and trust, unless you are willing to take the time
> to introduce yourself to them and them to Noisebridge, give them a
> tour, and teach them about our ways.

I'm guilty as charged.  Yesterday I walked up to the gate with my key.
I was greeted by a young man who could have been a hacker or an oggle.
He looked familiar with NB.  He smiled and came in with me.  He was on
the couches with the other oogles when I left about 11pm.  He was there
when I came back this afternoon in the same clothes.  I don't know where
he slept.

I assume that he is an oogle but I can't be sure.  Now, what is it that
I should have done to keep him out?


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