[Noisebridge-discuss] Dogs/cats/pigs/hamsters/fish/lizards... at noisebridge.

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Tue Feb 21 05:43:50 UTC 2012

I can relate, though I have different symptoms which are sometimes
mild/nonexistent and sometimes more severe. It depends on the weather
[entirely serious statement here].

If we have the "community agreement" of no cats in the space, I don't see
why we shouldn't extend the same practice for dogs and other animals if we
have members with allergies (FUN FACT: I'm allergic to pretty much every
bird and mammal on this sometimes-green Earth, so I've got them all covered
for y'all, you're welcome).

I would miss seeing Shiloh and Ella around, and having them clean up the
floor after I eat a burrito! But, maybe this would cut down the number of
times I need Albuterol when I'm in the space. :)

I'd be fine with discussing this at a meeting. -- I'm mostly interested in
people who want to argue that we should allow all dogs, despite guests' and
members' allergies, because otherwise I'm just singing to the choir.

CLEANING the space and the air now that it's a den of allergens is another
topic entirely, but it has to be done in conjunction with barring
non-service pets from the space, otherwise we won't REALLY have solved the

............. _ at y

I know that everyone is going to want to chime into this thread with "ZOMG
SHEEPDOG", but there are more people with dogs here lately than the one
lady who brings in her sheepdog, so we should really address this as "all
animals", not just specific pets.
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