[Noisebridge-discuss] Soda Machine

Ben ben at sixgirls.org
Wed Feb 22 23:53:25 UTC 2012

I would counter that at my ripe old age I do not drink soda ever. Vault 
is a nice soda and I am searching for Vault and equivilent.

It's choice. I used to smoke. I no longer smoke. I used to drink soda, I 
no longer drink soda.

In a lot of ways the idea of protecting people from themselves makes me 
uncomfortable. There is something about the idea of self determination 
that has me outwardly declining a system that would protect me from 

Soda is bad, Coke is shite and I may someday have another cigarette and 
the whole idea of self determination may be fallacious but I would have to 
spend a few days learning some stuff to have anything to say about it 
at all.

Concordantly I would rather disrupt my sleep cycles with Vault rather 
than straight Vodka with a water chaser but if anyone wants to install 
oxygen tanks we can all get high on that instead.

Somehow this all feels related I wish to draw attention to the word *feel*

There is no claim of being correct.

Also the oral tradition/myth about Eve eating from the tree that gives 
knowldge of what is good and what is evil was actually part of the mesh of 
subjugation propogated by the frightened caucazoid alien tribes that were 
disgusted by the fact that they could not rule everything with their 
penises. This made them uncomfortable so they slaughtered all other 
religious frameworks and devised a culture where women were inherently 
flawed and the cause of all the world's suffering. One only needs to look 
at what history remains to see that it was actually the scared 
penis-warriors that decided what was good and what was evil and 2000 years 
later the ruling penis PoC is nearing conclusion. We have mass 
extinctions, genocide, war, misery baby-rape and iPhones.

Progress and we should probably make a program to deal with this soda 
issue. Where do I sign up?

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> Here lies the fallacy. These drinks are not 'fuel'. They actually slow people down. They might even harm you through diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc. At minimum, they are sleep disruptors that deny deep sleep cycles. i.e. harmful to productivity. These products simply aren't good for people. They are designed to be addictive. Read why aspartame is never used in cooked food.
> Watch the movie 'Supersize me' to see how Coke and Pepsi finance school lunch programs in order to gain permission to install vending machines in schools.
> Another issue, why should Noisebridge have a retail outlet/dispensary for these corporations? Can anyone set up a corner to retail products 24/7?
> Respectfully submitted.
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> On Feb 22, 2012, at 0:37, Ben <ben at sixgirls.org> wrote:
>> I can only restate what I think a soda machine should be or do in a hacker
>> space. It should contain uncomfortably (and possibly dangerously)
>> caffeinated beverages to be used as fuel for late night fits

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