[Noisebridge-discuss] Non-profit contest

Blake Barrett Blake at BlakeBarrett.net
Fri Feb 3 18:33:52 UTC 2012

The company I work or (SlideRocket.com <http://sliderocket.com>) has just
announced a "competition" that could benefit Noisebridge.
SlideRocket is an online presentation SaaS company that just got acquired
by VMware. The software we "aas" is pretty much PowerPoint but online (so
you can send links, etc).
They have opted to donate $20,000 divided amongst four non-profits of the
communities choosing based on views.
The challenge is to create a presentation about the non-profit you want to
sponsor and then make it go viral.
Four winners will be announced, with descending prize money for each.
Normally I keep my "at work" life separate from the rest of my life, but I
thought this might interest someone, as NB is a qualifying non-profit and
I'm sure someone has ways to generate lots of traffic/page views.

More info on the contest can be found here:
or you can just reply and I'll answer whatever questions I can.

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