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Sat Feb 4 20:30:58 UTC 2012

Jake, I would sure like the community at large to address the issue that
you would discourage me from bringing new people to the space. I'm not sure
you can blame me for the "overcrowding" of the space. If you have a
specific complaint about anyone I have brought over then bring it on.

Re: schizophrenia

You need to be aware of a 50 plus page review article in Acta Scandinavia
published in 1975, reviewing the extensive research to that point
demonstrating the involvement of niacin deficiency and vitamin c deficiency
in producing the hallucinations of that disorder. I was at The University
of Texas Medical Branch in 1976 to 1980 earning the doctorate in medicine.
This information was not taught to our class. I doubt any medical school in
the USA was taught it. There was already that much control of my profession
by Big Pharma that this vital concept of vitamin deficiency causing mental
status issues could be buried. This issue alone counts for billions of
dollars of misspent money in the USA every year as these hapless
individuals are misdiagnosed as psychotic due to a proposed neuroleptic
deficiency and not offered to be evaluated for a genetic need for  vitamins
in excess of the usual for the rest of the population. These drugs shorten
the life span of these individuals by an average of 25 years.

Jake, I had an extensive evaluation by a board certified neuropsychologist
who is an adjunct professor at the university of Texas ongoing between 1999
to 2005. Neuropsychologists are the professionals that psychiatrists refer
to when they cannot figure out if a person is psychotic or what. I had had
so many years of mis-diagnosis of a craniofacial birth defect that causes
hypoxia and sleep deprivation that there was actual damage on MRI. I had an
IQ drop from 140 (measured at medical school as a test subject) down to
under 120 by age 45. I went to see him about the brain damage. In 2003, he
was able to retest and document I had found a way to increase my abilities
(as reflected by testing) back up to over 130 (hurrah for CoQ10!). His
observations, on repeated evaluations that I have no evidence of psychosis
means a hell of a lot more to me than your untrained bullshit.

As for my personality, I was twice, two years in a row, elected head of the
Mensa group (over 600 people) in the central Texas Armadillo branch
(1993-1994). Also, usually physicians who are assholes and carry 1 million
in malpractice coverage like I did get sued. In over 20 years of medical
practice where I included extensive minor emergency services for a large
community area in north Austin, I was never sued or even threatened for a
suit (except threatened once for the actions of a locums tenens physician).

I sure hope this community of people are aware of disinformation projects
when whistleblowers/plaintiffs threaten the profits of corporate masters.
Perhaps the community needs to be aware that I went to the FBI 4 times
after discovering that fraudulent insurance claims had been submitted in my
name while I was trying to enforce the right (part of the Americans with
Disabilities ACT) to experts competent and experienced in state court
actions. This action, if successful, could have been used to prevent a
large number of the "forensic" behavioral specialists testifying in state
courts, bith criminal and civil. The FBI refused to investigate  or even
keep track of my requests. Perhaps. Jake, this will be taken as evidence of
the competence of the FBI?

Should be difficult for the DOJ to cite a statute of limitations when they
refused to even investigate.I am advertising for a lawyer and one of the
places they might be able to locate me is Noisebridge.

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> Jake, I bring a fair number of new people here. These are not powerful
>> people. I have never received feedback such as this. Would you mind
>> clarifying if this opinion of yours is based on your own personal
>> observations or on the reported observations of others? Thank you
> Cynthia,
> It is clear to me that you have mental issues which make you very
> difficult to deal with.  Sometimes you are not problematic, and other times
> you are downright intolerable.  Your denial of this fact will not change
> reality.  Whether your behavior is a result of mental problems or not is
> definitely not the issue.  The behavior is the problem.
> I am not faulting you for having mental problems.  I also have such
> problems, and i deal with them as well as I can.  The issue is that some
> behavior is problematic for a space like noisebridge, and is not allowed.
> The fact is, only you can do anything about your own behavior.  If you
> don't change your behavior, other people can't do it for you, so they would
> have to exclude you from the space.
> I will also ask you as a personal favor that you do not bring anyone else
> to the space.  As it is we are overcrowded and it is pushing out the hacker
> types who founded and pay for the space to exist.  It will be easier for
> noisebridge to continue having you around if you are not inviting other
> people there.
> I know that you are a doctor and scientist, and because i think you might
> be interested in it, I want to share with you an article from discover
> magazine about Schizophrenia.  Apparently it is caused by a retrovirus
> which is embedded in our junk DNA.  Similar to MS, people experience
> problems with this virus mostly as a result of a problematic reaction to
> the virus by our own immune systems.  This article has been very
> interesting reading for me.
> http://discovermagazine.com/**2010/jun/03-the-insanity-**
> virus/article_view?b_st=&b_**start:int=0<http://discovermagazine.com/2010/jun/03-the-insanity-virus/article_view?b_st=&b_start:int=0>
> good luck and take care,
> -jake

Cynthia Jeanne Lee MD
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