[Noisebridge-discuss] [drama] Person evicted from space for violent behavior.

Ben Kochie superq at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 05:57:36 UTC 2012

Saturday, Febuary 4, 2012.

A person who has previously been at noisebridge came into the space in
the early evening demanding everyone get out "or you will all be

Several noiesbridge regulars including myself managed to subdue him
and get him out of the space until the police arrived.

Myself and several others gave statements to the police, and have
filed criminal charges against this person for threatening us.

I do not have a photo of this person in order to warn others to not
let him into the space.  Currently he is in jail pending felony
criminal charges.  I was given no indication from SFPD that he would
be released any time soon.

If anyone has a photo of this person, please post it to the list.

If anyone would like to give a statement to SFPD, please contact me
off list.  We need as many first hand accounts as possible in order to
have the strongest case against this person for coming into our space
and threatening to kill people.  I am willing to proxy any information
for people who wish to remain anonymous.

EVERYONE: Please, if you buzz someone into noisebridge, make sure you
look to see who is coming in the door.  It would also help to make eye
contact.  If you don't know them, and they are intoxicated, please
turn them away.

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