[Noisebridge-discuss] Dogs/cats/pigs/hamsters/fish/lizards... at noisebridge.

Martin Bogomolni martinbogo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 04:41:44 UTC 2012

This weekend, I had an unfortunate experience at Noisebridge.  A close
friend of mine that I brought to the space is allergic to dogs, and I
didn't know.   I didn't even think twice about asking her, and to be
fair, there were no dogs present at noisebridge at the time.  The poor
girl broke out in hives pretty quickly before we even had a chance to
really settle down and start picking apart her Furby for a project.

I apologize for the glass of tea I left behind in the kitchen, but we
had to leave rather quickly and get some Benadryl into her.   She
doesn't want to return to Noisebridge, even though in her words she
thinks its "A fucking amazing place!"

So, this raises a question.  Is it really okay to have pets at
Noisebridge?  We've got various doggie companions that visit the
space, in non-service capacities.   I personally like dogs, but this
experience has effectively blocked someone who is in my opinion a very
fun and personable hacker, from being able to come to the space.
It's hard to clean up when a pet hangs around a place for a long time,
and the after-effect lasts long after the pet has left.

When we raised the possibility of bringing in a cat to keep the
ratties and mice away a while ago, this potential for allergies was
amongst the reasons for not doing it.

I'm flying to Austin tomorrow morning, or I'd bring it up this week at
the meeting.  As it is, I can't so it will have to wait until next
week.  In the meantime it's worth discussing here.  Should non-service
pets be allowed in Noisebridge?   Is there a way to mitigate the
effects of allowing pets, or a way to keep the allergens out so that
the impact is lessened?


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