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> Dr. Duesberg is a tenured professor who began publishing on the issue of
> the etiology of AIDS in the 1980's. His career and research leaves one with
> a strong impression that he actually is an expert on the life form that HIV
> happens to be. He is certain it cannot cause AIDS. At this time, his
> opinion is backed by no less than 3 Nobel laureates in chemistry, including
> the one whose research developed the test for HIV. Take that you fucking
> lying Big Pharma, Nazi bastards. He is allegedly "antihomosexual".

I wouldn't call him 'antihomosexual', but in the 90s he tried to do a few
studies based on his theory that AIDS was caused by some unknown mechanism
involving gays doing poppers and having sex.

I'm really not sure how Duesberg explains the deaths of young children who
get AIDS from an HIV positive mother.
Perhaps you can ask him?

> But that sounds like it could be the product of a disinformation campaign.
> He is speaking at the Orthomolecular Medicine conference here in SF in
> February.
Do you really want to support this sort of thing?


> One of my last public acts in Texas, before being stalked out, was
> testifying before the Texas legislature that their medical licensing board
> was being run by Big Pharma. That licensing board is now in federal court
> on constitutional violations (a very big deal as usually physicians cannot
> fight back effectively). One of my most courageous public acts was to
> attempt to sue the state court system in Texas for major human rights
> violations, only to be sold out by my attorneys. Maybe hanging around
> Noisebridge keeping the kitchen clean isn't a very productive use of my
> time but, like I've told ya'll at the general meetings, I will do what I
> can to help the community while some of you help to keep the Internet
> community open for free speech.

I appreciate you do a lot of work keeping the kitchen clean

> Will, I was just trying to decide if I should come wake you up since you
> keep falling asleep in the chair while using your computer. You had made
> such a big point of it being so wrong for people to fall asleep here at one
> of the general meetings. It was , at first, entertaining that you would
> claim you were not asleep....then, I figured out that anyone caught
> sleeping could just claim that they only had their eyes closed.
> Cynthia Jeanne Lee MD
> <http://cynthiajeanneleemd.wordpress.com/>

can you be a doctor if you don't have a current license?  just curious.

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