[Noisebridge-discuss] You Can't Do That at Noisebridge!

Anthony LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 02:12:15 UTC 2012

On 2/2/2012 1:39 PM, Kelly wrote:
> Since the sleeper controversy seems to be especially problematic
> lately, I'm trying to coordinate some data collection about the
> sleeping problem.
Excellent idea, Kelly! If they're going to sleep anyway, we may as well 
get some data out of it. It could lead to breakthroughs in our 
understanding of sleep disorders ranging from light 
recreational-drug-induced comas to post-gluttony fatigue syndrome to 
garden-variety homelessness. Technology has a role to play. There's an 
Android app that charts each individual's sleep patterns and wakes them 
at the optimal point in their sleeping trajectory. We might use the 
renegade Noisesleepers as a test group to develop new and even more 
relaxing technological wizardry!
> I've made a wiki page for the Rooster Brigade, a volunteer group of
> noisebridgers who are willing to stand up (or sit down and type) and
> name people who are sleeping at Noisebridge.

Finding a rooster that can talk is going to be tough enough.....let 
alone one willing to name names.

> The goal of this effort
> is partly so daytime noisebridgers can learn about the nocturnal
> community, but also so that the nocturnal community can learn about
> the goals of the larger community.

To be fair, maybe we should meet the nocturnal community halfway, on 
their turf......our first meetup might be a wide-awake talking and 
thinking type scenario, but the second should probably be a group 
sleeping session of some kind - at least a 15-minute cat nap. (Or "power 
nap," as they're called by people who don't like cats).
> Here's how you can help!

FYI, I usually stop reading when I come across this 
phrase..........tonight I'm feeling extra helpful, though.
> 1. If you see someone sleeping at noisebridge, find out who they are.
> This can be accomplished by asking others in the space, photographing
> them and asking someone later, or waking them and asking yourself.

I propose a "passive-aggressive, kill'-em-with-kindness" approach to the 
issue, to wit: If you see a member of the nocturnal community actively 
sleeping at Noisebridge, wake them every 15 minutes on the dot and ask, 
"Hey, it's me again, I just noticed you were sleeping and I wanted to 
check in and make sure you have everything you need. Would you like a 
glass of water or coffee? Something stronger, perhaps? We just got some 
new things in from China that are sure to be illegal soon, so get it 
while it's hot! Anyhow, I'm right here, so just let me know....."

Another option might be the "You Can't Do That at Noisebridge!" 
approach: rigging a bucket of green slime above the sofas and dumping it 
unceremoniously upon anyone violating the Sleep Not ordinance. Or we 
could go /Carrie/ style....

> 2. Write their name on the wiki on the day and time you encountered
> them sleeping. A brief description of the situation is also helpful.
> Were they faceplanted in a soldering iron?
Even worse.....narcoleptics in the wood shop! Those table saws don't 
care what's in front of em, they'll cut a bitch.
> Did they have a sleeping
> bag, luggage or houseplants?
In all seriousness......I think lusher foliage would add a lot to the 
space. I see this as a positive.

Well, I think I've been helpful enough for one evening. I feel the War 
on Sleep is off to an Excellent start and I have every confidence that 
we can win this thing.


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