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> Wait... are you for real?  Why should Noisebridge resources be devoted to
> Duesberg in anyway? How is inviting Duesberg over for a nice talk
> furthering the cause of benevolent open hacking in San Francisco?  Do you
> realize who this guy is?  Go read some fun stuff like
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/nov/27/south-africa-aids-mbeki
Oh no, for god's sake don't give him money! I didn't mean that.

I just meant, I'm willing to listen open-mindedly to his presentation,
because freedom of speech includes all sorts of things we may not want to
hear and everyone deserves a fair chance and blahblahblah. There are
aspects of Duesberg's situation that compel me: the man who speaks an
unpopular truth, crusading against the establishment forces that would
silence him. How can you not want to identify with that romantic rebel
image, on some level? And then again, the idea that Big Pharma might have
perpetrated a major hoax on the public in order to garnish vast financial
rewards from the suffering and pestilence of the masses seems entirely
within the realm of possibility - at least if you're an anarcho-squatting
technomutant prone to conspiracy theories, as am I. If HIV doesn't cause
AIDS, or isn't the only thing that causes AIDS - to put it more generally -
I'd like to see the evidence of that. At this stage,  without having looked
seriously at Duesberg's case or evidence - if he has any - I lean towards
thinking that his theory will end up being proven, by lab analysis, to be
authentic 100% FDA certified BullShit. But who knows? Just last night I was
watching a TV thing about seismologists who believe they may have stumbled
onto evidence that humans lived in North America 30,000 years earlier than
previously believed. I don't really give a shit which side is right - I
don't have an emotional investment in it - but I say: sounds possible,
let's hear the pitch!

Then, if things unfortunately don't go so well for the intrepid challenger
to received wisdom, you thank them for their time, press the TRAP DOOR
button, and down the hatch they go.

This is what democracy looks like (?)


Your friendly neighborhood Tiger
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