[Noisebridge-discuss] [drama] also [actual action] Re: Cynthia and "Asian" Reference

Peter Werner germpore at sonic.net
Fri Feb 3 22:58:19 UTC 2012

Danny O'Brien wrote:

> I'm not sure you actually realise how large of an intersection there  
> is between the people who organize and speak at Arse Electronica and  
> those who developed the (templated) suggestions for the anti- 
> harrasment policy.

Well then, I guess they have a rather large contradiction on their  
hands, don't they?

> Obviously, it'd be far easier for the outrage if they were carefully  
> arranged on two sides of some gaping cultural divide, but actually  
> you can be simultaneously for developing reasonable anti-harassment  
> policies *and* sex positivity *and* freedom of speech.

Might be. Pity the Geek Feminist policy template does such an utterly  
piss-poor job of it. And small clue here, calling for a ban on a ban  
on a very broad category of imagery as default policy and then  
demanding adoption of that policy at practically all public spaces  
raises fucking huge free speech issues. Oh, and "we're sex positive/ 
anarchists/feminsts/whatever, therefore we can't be censors" sets off  
my bullshit detector big time.

> It'd be pretty easy to knock out an anti-harassment variant for Arse  
> or an all-night hummus fucking party; those square brackets are  
> there for a reason. Probably a slightly better reason than your use  
> of scare quotes around a group of people you interact with on a  
> regular basis.

Oh dear, somebody's quite butthurt now, aren't they? Look, I interact  
with people who I think have damn fool ideas all the time. And as long  
as they're not imposing their perspective on me or vice versa, there's  
not a problem. People demanding their pet ideologies gain the force of  
a rule I have to abide by is another matter, and I will speak up about  


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