[Noisebridge-discuss] A modest proposal.

jim jim at well.com
Thu Feb 9 23:13:30 UTC 2012

    The idea of the fire marshall appear in a formal 
capacity certainly scares the stuff out of me. 
    The idea that one or more errant personages would 
do something really negatively rad in the space, such 
as starting a fire or physically injuring someone or 
any other headline-grabbing behavior would likely be 
seriously traumatic to the community. 

    I like the hardware ideas a lot (keypad, lock on 
the upstairs door...! 

    One of the downsides of rules is the requirement 
to have some personages to enforce them. 
    Policies don't have such a requirement; they're 
general, not specific, and hopefully guide people's 
behavior. Trouble is, how to propagate policies? Signs? 
Institute the roll of advice-mama (someone, any gender, 
has to take a shift to be aware and greet and advise 
    I like the idea of formalizing rolls. Doing so 
would require regular forgiveness, as the roll would 
often not be filled, and sometimes if filled Done It 
wrong (DIW). Besides advice-mama, maybe evening shop 
steward, garbage night coordinator, janitor (brave and 
good Al Sweigart tried this with some success).... 
    The suggestion is only that some of us make an 
effort to raise consciousness about this stuff and do 
so by committing our own selves to filling the rolls 
and hope that we can attract others (best I can tell, 
this is really how it's done anyway, whatever "it" is, 
in communities with rules and police); always helpful 
to stay in touch with each other and be supportive. 

On Thu, 2012-02-09 at 14:27 -0700, Gopiballava Flaherty wrote:
> On Feb 9, 2012, at 2:06 PM, rachel lyra hospodar wrote:
> > I would categorically block any proposal to make noisebridge members
> > only after hours. I (like many people) would not be here without the
> > openness to awesome people who are not paying money.
> I would support only trusted people or people who are supervised by a member in after hours. I don't think that paying dues should be the criteria for determining trust.
> I also really like the idea of strangers having to be greeted at the door. I've been sitting near the door and have given a few tours to people - I think that most people would be happy to be greeted and either given a tour or told to find somebody less busy to get a tour from :)
> So what I would propose is:
> a) Visitors must be greeted
> b) "Visitors hours" - whatever they end up being - are the only time when visitors are allowed to wander aimlessly
> c) Outside of those hours, only trusted people - member-level trust, whether paying $$$ or not - are allowed in on their own. They may bring guests, but they're expected to be responsible for their guests, keeping an eye on them, working with them on some cool project, etc. 
> d) Perhaps there is an intermediate access level: You're allowed to buzz yourself in during guest hours, but that's it.
> Achieving level (d) would require, say, a couple members saying "this person is cool". NB should hand out business cards with unique QR codes for the access control system. Perhaps a couple visits?
> I would also add the ability for NB to be closed - if for some odd reason during visitor hours everybody's gone, then (d) people wouldn't be able to get in.
> (d) primarily exists so that people who know the place don't make members get up and offer to give a tour.
> Thanks,
> gopi.
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