[Noisebridge-discuss] Laser engraver needs to go back in the DJ booth

Alan Rockefeller alanrockefeller at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 08:03:24 UTC 2012

> No, we should not put the Electron microscope in the DJ booth.

I really think we should put the SEM in the DJ booth.  The DJ booth is too
small for the laser cutter.  And we have spent many hours getting the DJ
booth ready for the SEM.  The DJ booth  is the best place for the SEM - It
needs to be bolted to the concrete wall as far away from mission st. as
possible to reduce vibration.

> We NEED to put the laser engraver BACK in the DJ booth because we need to put it in a room where the pollutants that escape it can easily be evacuated outside, easily, with a huge array of fans.

There are many things that can be done to more efficiently evacuate
pollutants.  We found recently that turning off the fan on the back of
the laser cutter and using only the fan in the ceiling greatly reduces
the amount of laser exhaust that gets into the air.  The fan on the
back of the laser was pressurizing the exhaust, which lead to leakage.

> Because people will laser engrave shit in it that is POISONOUS!  We need to put the laser engraver someplace where we can control it's fumes.

The fumes can be controlled in many different ways no matter where the
laser engraver is.

If the current exhaust system is not good enough, we can add a turbine
on the roof to pull the air much faster.  When the laser cutter has
significant negative pressure, you can not smell it even when standing
right over it.
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