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Yes, thanks for making these connections, Jenny.  Makes me feel like 
sharing something I wrote recently that relates to Turner's book (it 
mentions Noisebridge):

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> Psychedelics have been held back for a number of reasons - chief among them that many of the core psychedelics are easily found in nature and thus, not nearly as profitable as the synthetic compounds produced by the pharmaceutical industry.
> One must also take into account the recent history of psychedelics with regards to social change and collective consciousness. The re-emergence of psychedelics in popular culture in the 1960s was principal to the emergence of a counterculture that directly challenged the institutions and hypnotized consumer culture that serves as the operational relationship we see in all its gory glory in globalization and neoliberalism today - essentially, a frenetic model that touts consumption and the resultant profits over the health of our minds, communities, and planet. I can elaborate on these structures and historicities if anyone expresses interest.
> For more on the close ties between cyberculture and counterculture, I highly recommend Fred Turner's book, From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, The Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism.
> All in all, Daniel and Kaya have already touched on all of the points I would have made but was too busy to do. I look forward to engaging on one of my favorite topics at one of my favorite spaces this Sunday.
> I also welcome further questioning, challenging and inquiry from the NB community, as I feel this is a highly productive collision of spheres.
> <3
> /jnny

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