[Noisebridge-discuss] Can Mothership HackerMoms visit again?

Sho Sho the HackerMom shosho at hackermoms.org
Fri Mar 2 20:45:08 UTC 2012

Hi Milo,

I met you when I came with some HackerMoms to visit last year when we first
started our Mothership group, and now we are just about to get our own
space in Oakland. We know Ace very well, and some of us who haven't seen
Noisebridge before would like to visit the space for ideas (with kids, most
likely). We'd also love to talk with you about best practices of getting
started, like non-profit status, membership, etc. Would you be open to
talking with us? Is the Tuesday eve open meeting a good time or can we
schedule another, less-busy time for more focused questions? We can do
daytimes, too. FYI, our meeting schedule alternates Wed 10am-12pm and Thur
6-8 pm, if that helps. Very much looking forward to talking with you.

All the best,
Sho Sho

web: http://mothership.hackermoms.org
email: info at hackermoms.org
twitter: @hackermoms
eavesdrop: mothershiphackermoms at googlegroups.com
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