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Nick Shapiro me at nickshapiro.net
Sat Mar 3 23:12:22 UTC 2012

Helloooo Noisebridge!

As you may know, I'm pursuing my dream of being an indy game developer, and
Noisebridge has been instrumental to my work so far.

Thank you Noisebridge! Thanks for providing the space where I met everyone
on my team (including Evan, Drew, Gavin, and other N.B. regulars) Thanks
for inspiring us, giving us a physical space to work, and awesome people
with awesome ideas.

We're launching our Beta this week, and our Kickstarter is off to a strong
start. We need one last push, and could use a little help from friends :)

Check out the Kickstarter:

Any contributions will be very, VERY much appreciated.

We could also use help directly building it. Engineers, designers, etc,
whatever your skills are, we'll put them to good use.

If you think this project looks cool, and want to be involved, please get
in touch with me NEXT WEEK, after G.D.C. and the beta launch, when we'll be
back up for air.

Thanks! :)

Nick & Team
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