[Noisebridge-discuss] I am going on a Noisebridge Hiatus.

Justin Doerr justinsfca at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 07:44:07 UTC 2012

I plan to actually take a full one month vacation from this space and go
see my mom in Washington DC. Upon doing so I plan to improve my life and
actually realize what type of positive potential I have within this
hackerspace and I will be back to prove that I am a good person who fucked
up royally last night. Whoops.... I also want to publicly apologize for
spitting on Robert Chu while I was belligerent and drunk. Once upon a time
we were very good friends and I admit I'm very depressed that things have
gotten the way that they have. Whether he chooses to believe that or not is
entirely up to him, but I am being very real about it. I personally feel
like both of us are at fault for our behavioral problems with one another
along with our relations with everyone else and I want to peacefully
resolve this upon my return even if it doesn't necessarily wind up in us
being friends again. I personally think it's for the best and that I do
care for and love all of you, and that this should be a wake up call to
everyone to review the policy of excellence, if there is one in place.
Also, I feel its important that I utilize at least some of my time creating
a human resources binder with an emphasis on nonviolent communication, a
language of life, that I feel everyone should learn. But most of my time I
want to be spending with my mom because I love her, and more importantly I
need to get my life together, and that includes getting a job and actually
going and doing other things with my time. Pearl has a point and she's
amazing and all of you should probably listen to her more often.

Btw. I'm in need of my charger for my phone, it's missing. For now I'm done
posting any more stuff on here. For at least a months' time.

For those of you who also maybe wanna hang out with me sometime outside if
this space, feel free to reach me at 650-515-9420. If you don't already
have my number.

I will also be emailing Tom to let him know about the mediation process I
have agreed to have with RAYC upon my return.

I love you all and let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. :-)

Sincerely and respectfully Justin Patrick Doerr.
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