[Noisebridge-discuss] earthquake damage, noise bridge, cnc machine computer

Scotty Allen scotty at scottyallen.com
Thu Mar 15 02:58:12 UTC 2012

> That computer's monitor was indeed VGA, and the power cord was certainly
> It may have been hard to see but there was certainly either an AC power
> socket on the monitor, or a small round DC power jack that was supposed to
> take 12v from a power supply.

I looked pretty closely, but I guess I could have missed a DC power
jack if it was cleverly hidden.

> VGA has no power pins and if it did, the delicate pins would fail anyway
> because they could never handle any current like that.

Yep, I assumed the same.  Which is why I was perplexed.

> As for letting people tailgate in on you, feel free to let NO ONE tailgate
> you.  Some people hang back to observe who is waiting at the gate before
> approaching.  If someone is waiting a long time and has a backpack and a dog
> and crusty patches and their fork and cup attached to their belt, I would
> not buzz them in or let them tailgate me.
> theoretically, anyone you let in is someone you should meet and offer a
> tour, so you have an idea of where they're at and what they're using the
> space for.

Ok, I'll try and draw a more hard line about this.  I just worry about
coming off as a dick for not holding the gate for a regular that
everyone knows.

> But please don't let any of this discourage you from coming to
> noisebridge as much as possible.

Thanks, I won't:)


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