[Noisebridge-discuss] Which is better 5mof or Circuit Hacking Monday to share a new hardware project?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat May 5 07:51:40 UTC 2012

yes bring the version 2 boards, and all the parts to build them.  i 
probably want one.  what does it do again?

we have a video magnifier so it's easy to solder tiny things, and other 
people can watch and learn (unlike a normal microscope) because the image 
is on a large lcd monitor.

it's the same makerfaire.  the first year i brought my car, which runs on 
veggie oil, and when it was over i took all the used fry oil from the 
junk food vendors and poured it right into the tank and drove home on it.

On Fri, 4 May 2012, BOZ wrote:

> Thanks Jake, yeah Im pretty sure Im going to make Monday's CHM, although I 
> dont know if my new boards will be in by then, I do have a few of my version 
> 2 boards that I can put together to demo(there is a set of flipped leds so 
> they dont light up, but you will get the idea)
> As to kits, I jumped into SMT, which Im not sure there is a target
> of alot of kit buyers in that end of things but I would be glad to show how 
> easy it is to hand solder the ftdi chip and "griddle" the rest of the parts 
> on one of these to put them together if anyone wanted to try their hand at a 
> surface mount kit.
> Fried sugar dough and Acid man I went to the wrong Makerfaire.
> On 5/4/2012 3:49 PM, Jake wrote:
>> Boz, don't wait for maker faire or five minutes of fame - bring the
>> thing to noisebridge for circuit-hacking monday! Mitch will be there and
>> it's the only forum where people can really come up to you and check it
>> out. Maker/DARPA faire isn't for weeks and it's all about taking acid
>> and eating fried sugar dough out of the trash cans anyway.
>> If your project is cool, you should definitely bring a few kits for sale
>> to circuithacking monday, because I and others will want to get our own
>> and build them. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be super-duper easy it
>> can just be whatever prototype state you're working with.
>> see you soon,
>> -jake
>> BOZ wrote:
>> Wasn't sure which was best to share at attendance wise although prolly
>> do Monday either way as I want to show Mitch since its his "fault" it
>> exists and I got it done.
>> Not sure if booking would be right, not sure how many would show.
>> Would be proud to demo at the NB booth as its NB resource(this list) and
>> its people(Mitch Altman,Jonathan Foote and others) sharing knowledge
>> that helped me get my project done and make it something I am proud of.
>> BOZ

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