[Noisebridge-discuss] For the humor impaired - direct response to Mitch Altman et al.

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Sun May 13 19:36:23 UTC 2012

I wanted to publicly acknowledge a message that Mitch Altman privately sent
me after I posted my JOKE message about holding an end-of-year awards
ceremony at Noisebridge, & nominating the Cynthia Debacle for BEST DRAMA.

This message was intended to be humorous. I would go so far as to say it
was an attempt to rise above the recent interpersonal conflicts in the
space by transforming them through the art of humor. That's something I do
a lot.

Some people obviously understand my sense of humor, as the post was
appreciated immediately after I posted it by several hackers who were in
the space at the time I posted it. Mitch & others obviously don't get it,
which may be why they don't "get" ZiP - my contribution to Noisebridge -
since it is definitely infused w/ my admittedly warped humor.

Some of the posts I make to NB Discuss are also laced with a good deal of
satire, which I've noticed is something certain people seem not to
understand or appreciate. That's unfortunate, but I'm not sure what to do
about that.

I've made a habit of posting to NB Discuss two things at once as an
experiment: one relates to a creative project, the other relating to what
we may reductively label "drama." I haven't fully aggregated & analyzed the
results of the experiment yet, but a preliminary observation indicates
that, despite people constantly claiming that they prefer "hacking" to
drama, it is the drama that draws by far the largest response. I realize
there are mitigating reasons for this....still, I find it interesting.

One last thing.....*don't slap me with the "drama queen" label* when all
I'm doing is calling someone else (in this case, Robert) on his grossly
inappropriate behavior towards myself and others at Noisebridge. Standing
up to bullies & tyrants is good for the entire community. I have it on good
authority that the number of valued hackers who no longer hang regularly @
NB largely because of Robert's constant and oppressive presence is now in
the double digits. Just because I'm the one to speak out about it doesn't
mean you should scapegoat me for the issues I'm raising.

I am not Justin Doerr. I am always working on projects. I have never slept
at Noisebridge. I hate this kind of drama & repeatedly asked for a
mediation outside of the Tuesday meeting because I despise 3 hour
dramafests full of shouting & excess emotion, but I will attend the meeting
on Tuesday if necessary because I'm sick of being fucked with & driven away
from NB by this person who poses as an innocent, dim-witted clown when he's
actually a bully, a tyrant and a bona fide hypocrite. (As in.....policing
other peoples' behavior while breaking the rule of Excellence in various
ways himself.)

That's the TRUTH. You don't have to like the Truth, but that doesn't make
the Truth go away.

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