[Noisebridge-discuss] various, including: last meeting's notes, rayc, field programmable gate arrays, and fixing some member shelves

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Fri May 18 06:23:17 UTC 2012

1) Oops, sorry, here are this week's meeting notes:
I was dictator for this meeting, which actually went pretty well in my
deluded power-trip opinion:

2) As a brief summary, Rayc is taking a 3 week break from Noisebridge
(he wanted 4 weeks, the consensus of the group was 2 weeks, I as
dictator compromised at 3). Everyone email him and say hi. Me and a
few others are hoping to hang out with him and chat about how to help
calm things, and they'll be a little bit more mediation when he gets
back. Group hug!

3) Almost in accordance with the entropy generated when someone takes
a break from NB, one of the hacker shelves' spontaneously fell over in
the middle of 5mof, and I think it was too scary a project for folks
to pick up on at 10pm. I will slyly note that this is probably the
sort of thing that Rayc would work up a posse to fix, so it will fall
on others who are good at posse-ing to fix it tomorrow or soon. My
sense is that a lot of the people who do the kind of broad maintenance
stuff aren't around at NB currently, so if you're not used to doing
that, now is the time to step in and do so. It does not look too bad,
but I added it to the buglist (yes i am still on about that):
https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Bugs#Bug_15 Edit when you fix it!

4) After Jesse's talk, I think that there is general excitement to do
something with field-programmable-gate arrays and/or software-defined
radio. Anyone interested, please hijack this talk for planning
when/where how!


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