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Maker Faire 2012!

There has been a problem with eventbrite not allowing for our badge
registration.  I've been in contact with the people at makers faire, and
they will take care of it in person on Friday.  The roster as it stands ...

,x,,Alan Rockefeller
x,x,x,Christopher Lincoln
,x,x,Casey Callendrello
,x,,Danny O'Brien
,x,,Keith Dreibelbis
,x,,Liz Henry
x,x,,Mariko Miyakawa
x,x,,Paul Suliin
x,,x,Rubin Starset
,,x,Timothy Evans
x,,,Nils McCarthy
,,,Michael Lyons

Julia, and Shalaco I will need your last names to reserve your badges for

If you want to help out with set up on Friday, just tell the people at the
gate that you are with Noisebridge (maker #7661) and that you are just
helping with set up, they should let you in.  If there is a problem you can
get a hold of me at 415.754.8595

See everybody there!
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