[Noisebridge-discuss] membership rosta

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Fri May 18 21:17:20 UTC 2012

So, I was thinking of emailing our current list of members, and asking
if they'd like to be on a *public* list of members, so that people
could contact them for sponsorship, admire their shiny sleek
membership coat, etc. Obviously, the public list would be opt-in --
we've had long standing consensus that the overall membership list is
private, with various constraints to that as per our byelaws (which
require me to give you a list of our /bye-lawish/ member list, which
is not the same as our *real* membership list, due to anarchist
collective/501(c)3 definitional mismatch.

I only just thought of this, but before I do this and stoke that
hornet's nest (I don't think we've really ever mailed the membership
at large), I thought I'd stoke this hornet's nest first. Do people
think this would be a good idea? Would you like to know who the
members are? Is it better that we mostly try to minimise the
difference between official members and just the community at large?

Your thoughtful, kindly-worded and generous-to-opposing views opinions
are passively aggressively welcomed!


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