[Noisebridge-discuss] ROBERT 2.0 should not be banned despite some problems he creates

Ben Kochie superq at gmail.com
Sun May 27 15:47:19 UTC 2012

I saw the servers that were tossed.  It was maybe worth $300 total.
And maybe $200 for the half rack cabinet.  The stuff was eWaste.
$2000-3000 is an exaggeration.

We didn't ask for server equipment at the space.  We didn't want
server equipment at the space.  We already had two other full cabinets
and a bunch of other eWaste quality servers.  They were all taking up
space doing nobody any good.

Donations are donations, noisebridge can do whatever it wants with
them.   We cleared out the eWaste and kept the good stuff in the rack

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 9:38 PM, Robert Chu <robertayoungchu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Noisebridge Community.
> I am writing this email on behalf of the good that there is in Robert 2.0,
> and  also because I don't think that he should be banned. Before you become
> enraged with this email (or even annoyed), I encourage you to read on.
> I can only infer (from my experience with Rob 2.0) the situation is as
> follows:
> ******ROBERT 2.0******
> - Is one of the best software hackers that I've ever met at Noisebridge
> have. (As he only said know if he was super busy).
> - Came to Noisebridge and crashed a couple of public computers (with the
> intent of making them better- this was done do-ocrattically) also because he
> didn't know that it would be a problem to do so.
> - Had taken apart a couple of scooters (when I spoke with him, it was his
> intent to build a better one with the parts. I spoke to Rob about this a
> while ago when this issue came up. It seemed that HACKING apart the scooters
> to make a better one was completely valid since Noisebridge is a HACKERSPACE
> and it has been communally agreed upon that everything at Noisebridge is
> HACKABLE except the Membershelves.
> - Robert brought a cabinet of servers to Noisebridge, and was taking to some
> people to do some awesome tech stuff such as clustering, and even teach a
> class (teaching is most excellent at Noisebridge).
> - Robert  2.0 had slept a couple of nights at Noisebirdge (Before it was
> communally looked down upon).
> - When Robert 2.0 was allowed in the space he did make a lot of messes that
> other people had to clean up (which is why part of the reason some people
> got upset to the point of wanting him to not come back).
> - He is a hard person to communicate with.
> - Robert 2.0 has often been coming back to Noisebridge for various reasons,
> and has left every time after being asked to leave.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> - Robert 2.0 has been asked to leave the space and not come back until he
> goes through a Noisebridge Moderation process (which I don't think he wants
> to moderate with the current moderators).
> - I would estimate that about $2,000 to $3,000 worth of servers that he was
> going to donate to Noisebridge were pushed out onto the street (without even
> letting Robert 2.0 know that this was going to happen), and are now GONE.
> That is $2,000 - $3,000 dollars worth of servers let the COMMUNITY know that
> this unjustice was done. IHO throwing away a hacker's hardware is a huge
> insult to a hacker. He could have been asked to move them out of Noisebridge
> if they were really that much of a problem.
> - I would estimate that the damage that Robert could have done to
> Noisebridge is at most ~$500 in man hours or whatever, where as the amount
> of money he lost in the form of hardware is far greater.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> In conclusion,
> - Robert 2.0 is still upset that ~$2,000 - $3,000 in servers was just
> trashed without his knowledge or even being communicated to (TOTALLY
> UNEXCELLENT IMHO), and the person who was responsible wasn't even
> reprimanded at all, just because he has been a huge part of the Noisebridge
> community.
> - I feel that there Robert  should be allowed to return to Noisebridge, but
> only after we figure out what the problems that others are having with him
> (AS ARE DOING WITH CYNTHIA),  and work them out. I also am pretty sure he
> does not want to moderate with the current people that defaulted as
> moderators, and think that I would be able to moderate this situation
> because of my repor and relationship with Robert.
> Let me get in contact with Robert and see what his goals are and what his
> expectations for being a part of the Noisebridge community are.
> Since I am still on vacation from Noisebridge feel free to tell him to
> contact me if he shows up.
> robertayoungchu at gmail.com - 415.935.3597
> Banning Robert would be another example of Noisebridge Hackerspace kicking
> out another %100 authentic hacker (probably one of the best in the
> Noisebridge eco-system).
> Please Noisebridge (at community at large) let me sync up with Robert 2.0
> before any decision  is even discussed. I would still be pissed off at the
> person who is responsible and at Noisebridge to if $2,000 - $3,000 (maybe
> even more) worth of hardware was just tossed. I also feel that that part is
> being over-looked on Noisebridge's part (why don't we ban the person tossed
> his hardware to the curb?).
> Robert Albert Young Chu
> "Keep hackers in the hackerspace."
> Rayc
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