[Noisebridge-discuss] Freedom isn't Free

Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Mon May 28 21:19:53 UTC 2012

Yesterday, completely unrelated to memorial day, I held an MP-40 (breech
welded) in my hands. It's an elegant, simple, and effective fully automatic
submachine gun of Nazi German design.  I explored it's workings, noted is
markings, contemplated it's construction and design.  As a machine, it is

For a moment, I forgot what it was.  I forgot it was a weapon for killing
as many God damned people in a room as it was fucking possible., Not only
that, it probably fucking had.  Young people...American people, by people,
German people.  All of them, probably boys.

This might mean a little more when you have a little boy of your own.

What is astounding to me is the pride people have in sending their children
to die in front of these things.  Even the inventor of the machine gun
created it thinking that none one would be stupid enough to send children
to bleed in front of it.

So, am I to feel pride for people who died in war on a single day? Or do I
feel sorry for them because people are stupid enough to have bloody,
greedy, rage filled thoughts, all the fucking time?

I choose to peacefully protest, and I choose to vote for peaceful progress,
where I might find it. And, more importantly, I choose to quietly consider
the validity if bumpersticker slogans as to understand their motivation and
correct them where I feel it is necessary.

Freedom is free, taking it away costs money, and it's the rich fucks who
want you to think it other wise.  They want you to think their money gives
them privileges you can't have...unless you earn it...through risking life
and limb...for them.
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