[Noisebridge-discuss] Cool projects for TEDx talk wanted

Julien Bloit julien.bloit at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 17:01:36 UTC 2012

Hi Mitch, 

A few snaps of an interactive hopscotch (LEDs + sound) made with arduino, freesbees and a stripped DDR pad :

After one weekend of hacking at techshop :

More soldering at Noisebridge :

On display at the SF Urban Prototyping festival :

Short description :
cityPlay facilitates playful interactions in urban environments. We combine art and technology, physical and digital. Our goal is to help people exercise their bodies and brains, laugh, and interact with each other on their everyday whereabouts in the city.
Our first project is an electronic hopscotch game that you can see at the Urban Prototyping festival in San Francisco on Oct 20, 2012. We built it in a weekend and so can you. We’ll soon post details how.

more at : http://citiplay.org/blog/


Le 30 oct. 2012 à 02:03, Felipe Sanches a écrit :

> Lightpainting workshop during the zeroth edition of Garoa Hacker Camp (a tiny camp in south america inspired by CCCamp):
> https://garoa.net.br/wiki/Arquivo:Ghcamp_gola.jpg
> https://garoa.net.br/wiki/Arquivo:Ghcamp_nyancat.jpg
> https://garoa.net.br/wiki/Arquivo:Ghcamp_jucalightpaint.jpg
> https://garoa.net.br/wiki/Arquivo:Ghcamp_ahhhhh.jpg
> https://garoa.net.br/wiki/Arquivo:Ghcamp_cadeiraeletrica.jpg
> https://garoa.net.br/wiki/Blog:Eventos/Garoa_Hacker_Camp_0
> On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 6:40 AM, Mitch Altman <maltman23 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm writing my TEDxBrussels talk, which is due in a couple of days, and am wanting to add some example projects from hackerspaces in my talk, with a cool and/or weird and/or beautiful and/or cute (and/or otherwise eye-catching) photo for each.
> Anyone have any project (or know of any project), that has a photo that would impress non-hackerspace folks, and help the world take notice of hackerspaces?  If so, please send me a photo I can use, and a short description of the project.
> Thanks!
> Mitch.
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Julien Bloit

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