[Noisebridge-discuss] T61p Thinkpad Bios locked, computer bricked. need help.

Boris Levit boris.levit at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 03:42:31 UTC 2013

Hello list.
So I've done a very stupid thing.
I've just bought a thinkpad t61p off Ebay.
it had a password on the BIOS (that didn't block it from booting up or
some why I've decided that if I disconnect the BIOS battery it will reset
this password.
when the computer booted the next time it declared a bad checksum on the
BIOS and wouldn't boot at all without a valid BIOS password (which I don't
have and can not retrieve from the seller).

Some google research showed that I need to connect to the eeprom security
chip and read the password data from it.
this is where I need help.
if someone near Noisebridge has a functioning I2C reader / programmer (or
any device that connects to a chip and allows to read it's data over serial
or usb) and with decent soldering skis (my hands are too shaky for a fine
solder job like this). I would really really appreciate the help.

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