[Noisebridge-discuss] The door situation is not working.

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sun Apr 7 05:45:03 UTC 2013

1.  I did not disable the "DOOR" button and i can prove it, because I have 
been out of the state of california since March 21st, and I am still not 

2. I asked at a meeting AND I asked on the mailing list, twice, and none 
of those times did anyone object.  In fact many people wanted it done 

3. The situation is working if it is requiring more human involvement in 
people getting in the door.  If people don't get in, it's because they 
don't have a code or a key, and there is nobody in the space willing to 
let them in.

4. You can get a mobile app for your android or use the web app to open 
the door, just like you always could, so you don't have to enter your code 
over and over again, or get up to press the door button.

5. There is a switch on the intercom to turn off the doorbell, if it is 
annoying you and you don't feel like answering the door.  Please turn it 
back on when you leave.

6. I will be adding an automatic mute for the doorbell, which turns on a 
blinking light over the door and reduces the volume of the doorbell until 
someone buzzes the door or a few minutes pass.  Or you could do it.

7. If people don't get buzzed in because there is nobody there with a code 
who can buzz them in, or is willing to go downstairs and let them in, then 
they won't get in.  They can come back another time when someone is at the 
space who will be able to give them a proper introduction.  Or perhaps 
they don't need to get in because they just want to use Noisebridge as a 
place to sleep, habitate, or steal from.  This actually happens.

8. The fact that you reintroduce the idea of putting a lock on the 
upstairs door shows that you have not been reading the discuss list, and 
that you don't realize the extreme infeasability of such an idea.  In 
short, if someone is in the building they are already our (Noisebridge's) 


On Sat, 6 Apr 2013, Sai wrote:

> Jake recently changed the upper door buzzer to disable the 'door'
> button and mandate entering a door code instead in order to let
> someone up.
> (As a side note: he did this with neither consensus nor even notice.
> Doöcracy is great and all, but I think something like access control
> that has to be dealt with every few minutes really ought to be a
> consensus item, and I think he should forfeit the ability to block
> reverting his change when it does come up for consensus.)
> The situation right now is simply not working. It is too much of a
> pain in the ass to either (a) go enter your code, or (b) go all the
> way down to open the gate. As a result, a small number of people (e.g.
> me) are having to do all the gate openings, and it's fucking annoying.
> More to the point, in practice it doesn't accomplish the one thing
> that we wanted: to make sure that people get greeted when they enter
> so we can be friendly to newbies and filter sketchiness based on
> responses to normal questions rather than their appearance. Jake's
> change just makes people not get buzzed in, or get buzzed in using a
> remote app.
> Jake, we tried your idea, and it just really sucks. I'm sorry; I know
> you had good intentions for it and I am not at all attacking your
> sincere desire to help — but what you did has made the situation worse
> even than what we had before.
> At minimum, I ask that we reinstate the old system: turn the door
> buzzer button back on with no code required. It sucks but it sucks
> less than this.
> I also ask that we move the lock to the top door, so that someone can
> just get let in *in person* because they're right there.
> Some member, please add this to the next meeting's
> discussion-for-consensus list.
> Sincerely, and with a headache from that fucking buzzer,
> - Sai
> P.S. The donation box really needs repair. I'm not sure how to do that.

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