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Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
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Thanks for the update. I have long intended to attempt laser-engraving my
zine (on paper), as an alternative to printing. I'm not sure how or if this
will work, but I aim to try it tonight or this week. I'm not talking mass
copy production, I just want to try a couple pages; if that works then one
full copy of the zine. I imagine intricate work such as text may be
difficult. Well, I never met a difficulty I couldn't further complicate.

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> Did you see this thread? Not a deal-breaker, just be aware. It sounds like
> for the light etching of yr chocolates this won't be a prob.
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> I passed by NB today, and cleaned the laser cutter, aligned the beam,
> oiled and adjusted the carriage.
> I notice that the laser has faded considerably.  It used to cut
> through 1/8" acrylic with ease, and now it requires a couple passes.
> It used to etch wood cleanly, and now it tends to burn and toast even
> thin wood.
> I believe this laser tube may be in need of replacement in the near
> future.   Next time I come from Austin, I'll bring a IR beam power
> meter with me, and measure how many watts the tube is producing.
> -M
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