[Noisebridge-discuss] Who do we want to exclude? [Drama]

Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com
Wed Apr 10 21:18:22 UTC 2013

In short, even the lack of action is a violence. -dru
On Apr 10, 2013 1:10 PM, "John Withers" <jwithers at reddagger.org> wrote:

> On 04/09/2013 11:44 AM, Tom Lowenthal wrote:
>> We need to take a look in the mirror and decide what we want to be,
>> because we cannot be everything to everyone. If we want to be the
>> place that people go to build their next giant robot, livestreaming
>> quadcoptor, community project, or enlightening class, we must be a
>> place which invites, nurtures, and encourages this. We should strive
>> to be the place that provides for that which we value most, and that
>> means removing those things which are barriers to these goals.
> Tom, I think you have hit on a real point here, and it continues the
> discussion we were having a couple of weeks ago on the list. Without
> defining what NB is focused on clearly, some things get de facto excluded.
> Hardware hacking is one of the casualties for many of us. That's okay if
> that is a tradeoff we realize we intentionally are choosing to make to
> enable other parts of the community to flourish. And I think to some degree
> that conscious choice is present.
> But I think it is possibly less a choice in some cases than a lack of
> focus or willingness to define the community. I was trying to meet with a
> couple of people with a neuro working group for a while. And it was quite
> difficult to find space for three people to sit and work on our project. I
> don't begrudge the classes or people hacking on projects, but I have to
> admit I found it a bit annoying the number of people checking facebook or
> in one notable case watching movies and taking up space that could have
> been used for education and trading knowledge. We tried a couple of
> different nights of the week and have since given up on using the space for
> this. Admittedly, due to work schedules and such we were hitting during
> prime time.
> I don't have a solution to this particularly, and am not really all that
> hot about it, since as Danny has pointed out, there are other places to
> work and hack in the larger area. But I do think you have hit an important
> point that when we don't define our community as much more than universally
> inclusive, it does in fact exclude some segments of people who are trying
> to hack.
> j
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