[Noisebridge-discuss] Got a Project, a Demo, a Rant? Speak at next week's Five Minutes of Fame!

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Thu Apr 11 23:40:45 UTC 2013

It's Noisebridge's viginti-octonary celebration and examination of the
crazily brilliant projects in the Bay Area and beyond! And we'd like you
to talk!

In the past month's we've had talks by:

    * The creators of the modem, the open source webservers, and Usenet
    * A guy who builds octoyurts in Oakland
    * Mozilla bugs, Wiki seats, and MUNI routing
    * The launch of "q" the world's shortest Python library
    * The first glance of Post-Waste Nexus, SF's new recycling posse
    * Giant Dangerous X-Ray Devices, Live
    * Small children and Egyptian Gods
    * Tunes about hacking, hacking about tunes
If you built it, want to build it, knew when it was built or just like
talking to builders, come to Noisebridge and show off.

Email danny at spesh.com or fill in the form at http://5mof.net/signup/ to
join the THRONG.

We'll be speaking and waving our limbs at:
Thursday, 8PM, April 18th! Jooooooooooooooooin us


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