[Noisebridge-discuss] Semantics

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 06:45:37 UTC 2013

*Rev. Mik wrote: *
*And both times that you have done so and moved to a different spot, I have
questioned it, out loud, directly. You insisted that you were done. Both
times you did this, and did not leave the space right afterwards, I had
already set up at a different spot. You did it for your reasons. *
*If the general population of Noisebridge really thinks that I am that
arrogant, "entitled", or self-serving, without bothering to get to know me,
then perhaps I am in the wrong place.*

I am hardly representative of "the general population of Noisebridge," at
least I don't think I am. I've made a career out of saying what I think
regardless of whether it makes me popular. I briefly attempted to be the
spokesman for a certain different consensus-based group here only to fail
miserably & realize I could never fill that role, as I need to be free to
say exactly what I think about things regardless of whether anyone else
agrees with me or not. In any case, your response as quoted above strikes
me as a more negative reaction than necessary. That seems unfortunate, but
I can only take responsibility for my words, not other peoples' reactions.
One thing, though: its been a lot more than two times. No matter, I don't
mind. Especially now, as many things are changing for me & I will most
likely be the one leaving the space before you. Changing for the best, mind
you: I am not leaving in a state of bitterness or resentment, not at all.


PS If I end up sending the other response to this same thread that I'm
working on right now (to someone else whom I believe is actually harmful to
Noisebridge, which you are not), it may offer perspective: my response to
you really wasn't that hostile, in the scheme of things. I may not end up
sending this response; I'm weighing it right now. It would be so much
easier to just say nothing, especially since I may be leaving soon, but
it's always easier to stay silent rather than challenging shitty behavior,
so I'm on the fence....
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