[Noisebridge-discuss] Bike lights workshop! Shine out into the night! This Friday

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Maybe, just to cover yourself in case of a problem, you should explicitly discourage alcoholic beverages instead of implicitly encouraging them. It's everyone's personal decision to select an appropriate choice for the contents of their six-pack (can you even get soda in a six-pack anymore?) but it would suck to end up being the organizer of an event that's supposed to keep bicyclists safe and cap it with brightly glowing drunken idiots weaving through traffic.

On Apr 15, 2013, at 4:48 PM, Alexandra Glowaski <alex.glowaski at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm tired of seeing world-class hackers riding around with no lights, or faint ones, or covered-up ones, like stupids. You guys are so magnificent, and you deserve a set of totally obnoxious lights, and also not to die because of such a silly little thing.
> Join me this Friday at the space! Bring your bike and build yourself a set of integrated, water-resistant, low-profile, crazy bright, fully custom, simple, durable, cheap bike lights (www.alexglow.com/anti-love-bike-lights/). I give you my personal guarantee that they won't be stolen: my wheels got jacked yesterday, and a set of pedals before, and the lights were totally intact.
> If you want them to blink, bring your own controller! I'mma try and work up a fun reactive circuit in advance, but the standard-issue kit will include only the materials for a static display. Which will look magnificent. I promise.
> Friday, April 19 @ 7pm
> Noisebridge Hackerspace
> $10-15 suggested donation for materials
> As proposed by the inimitable Mr. Sean Kolk, we shall perform a test run afterwards: a six-pack ride, wherein you bring a six-pack of whatever you want and we stop at six different parks. Feel free to join only for the beginning, or ride with us in solidarity if you already have lights you love. Let's celebrate!
> - Merlin
> p.s.: I plan to make this a recurring event. More live hackers! More hardware! More shiny!
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