[Noisebridge-discuss] Bike lights workshop! Shine out into the night! This Friday

Alexandra Glowaski alex.glowaski at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 09:29:47 UTC 2013

Hahaha, I'm fairly worn out and a little slap-happy so I'll answer
this one as well. Thank you for asking!

I have no such data! However, as with the occasional discussion about
helmet vs. no-helmet: While the use of helmets/lights may, yes,
encourage a false sense of security in the rider, and a false sense of
the rider's security in drivers, and while I had a discussion tonight
with someone who was speeching some things about Neal Stephenson Has A
Character Who Doesn't Use Lights Because It Forces Him To Be More
Aware of His Environment, nonetheless, I believe that bike lights are
a Positive Thing for me as an individual human and I'd rather be
annoyingly bright than squashed because the driver is used to looking
for things that are visible and not invisible, which despite a dearth
of direct or academic evidence I believe to be the things that would
more probably happen if I did or did not have bright lights. I believe
it's a net positive, despite the potential for this to encourage
drivers to ignore darknesses that do not have bright lights in them,
and regardless of its dampening effect on the spatial attention of
Society Members Taken As a Whole...
And I bike stupidly recklessly anyway, but I do that whether or not I
have bike lights and at least now the cars know they have somebody to
yell at (and hopefully not to squash). :)

Plus, you can always turn them off and go into stealth-mode!

Not sure where, but somebody mentioned that the six-pack ride might
promote drunk biking. I will not be drinking alcohol during the ride,
and highly discourage actually bringing beer - at least, an entire
six-pack - as it seems like a silly idea for a couple of reasons
beyond the obvious:
- even a little alcohol tends to weaken my muscles noticeably; same
likely goes for others
- one should drink hydrating beverages instead
I may see if I can get El Farolito to fill six little bottles with
strawberry agua fresca! Then I could trade some to others.


Make your world!

On Apr 15, 2013, at 6:02 PM, Rachel McConnell <rachel at xtreme.com> wrote:

> Nice! I will try to show up, although I may try to continue working on my own bike light system which is controlled by a combination of light sensor (off in sunlight) and pressure sensor on the seat (off when I'm not biking).
> <puts on annoying hat> Have you got data indicating that bikers with lights die less often (from biking accidents) than bikers without lights?  Is the result controlled for skill at biking, intoxication of rider, phase of the moon, and level of unclothed-ness of nearby attractive pedestrians?
> </curmudgeon>
> On 4/15/13 4:48 PM, Alexandra Glowaski wrote:
>> I'm tired of seeing world-class hackers riding around with no lights, or
>> faint ones, or covered-up ones, like stupids. You guys are so
>> magnificent, and you deserve a set of totally obnoxious lights, and also
>> not to die because of such a silly little thing.
>> Join me this Friday at the space! Bring your bike and build yourself a
>> set of integrated, water-resistant, low-profile, crazy bright, fully
>> custom, simple, durable, cheap bike lights
>> (www.alexglow.com/anti-love-bike-lights/
>> <http://www.alexglow.com/anti-love-bike-lights/>). I give you my
>> personal guarantee that they won't be stolen: my wheels got jacked
>> yesterday, and a set of pedals before, and the lights were totally intact.
>> If you want them to blink, bring your own controller! I'mma try and work
>> up a fun reactive circuit in advance, but the standard-issue kit will
>> include only the materials for a static display. Which will look
>> magnificent. I promise.
>> Friday, April 19 @ 7pm
>> Noisebridge Hackerspace
>> $10-15 suggested donation for materials
>> As proposed by the inimitable Mr. Sean Kolk, we shall perform a test run
>> afterwards: a six-pack ride, wherein you bring a six-pack of whatever
>> you want and we stop at six different parks. Feel free to join only for
>> the beginning, or ride with us in solidarity if you already have lights
>> you love. Let's celebrate!
>> - Merlin
>> p.s.: I plan to make this a recurring event. More live hackers! More
>> hardware! More shiny!
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>> Make your world!
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