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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Thu Apr 18 00:30:21 UTC 2013

Glen's second rule of drama:

Because if the nature of email (async reading by different individuals at different times), once a thread reaches a high drama level, it continues to smolder and flare up again -- even after issues are resolved by the original participants. It's a fresh issue and sore feelings are fresh for those reading at a later time.

This thread reached this level and will continue to smolder.


On Apr 17, 2013, at 5:13 PM, Colin Keigher <colin at keyboardcowboy.ca> wrote:

> Two things:
> 1) Learn how to use a goddamn paragraph. Is your enter key broken or is
> that too being kept by Daravinne? This is painful to read just based on
> this alone.
> 2) As a personal friend of hers, I don't think that your behaviour is
> anywhere near "excellent" or whatever Noisebridge uses as a term. Don't
> put your eggs all in one basket and don't go on mailing lists calling
> people out in such a manner.
> I don't know her side of the story but based on your behaviour I don't
> see why I should believe anything from you.
> This is beyond pathetic.
> - Colin
> On 17/04/2013 2:35 PM, Tony Longshanks LeTigre wrote:
>> Recently I was arrested after 6 months of living in the darkroom of an
>> unused science lab on the UCSF Parnassus campus. The police attempted to
>> charge me with burglary (which the prosecuting attorney dropped) but
>> only the misdemeanor charges of trespassing & illegal lodging stuck.*
>> They took a Macbook Pro computer that had been loaned to me by Daravinne
>> aka Christina Olson who is the self-styled producer of 5 Minutes of
>> Fame, insinuating that I must have stolen it. I did not steal it;
>> Christina Olson gave it to me as "a long-term loan" last year when we
>> were both working on the Noisebridge zine project I inaugurated, ZiP. At
>> the time the police confiscated the Macbook, it contained all of the ZiP
>> layouts & associated files, plus all the InDesign, Photoshop &
>> Illustrator work I'd done over the last several years, plus a vast
>> spreadsheet-slash-database in progress containing all the info on
>> properties & alternative housing in SF I'd been collecting obsessively
>> over the course of the preceding year & a half, my journals/diaries for
>> the past 10 years, all of my writing creative journalistic &
>> otherwise—the police also took my thumb drive, which was my only
>> (partial) backup of all this material. The police told me only Christina
>> Olson could reclaim the computer, since it was registered to her name.
>> Christina Olson & I agreed that Christina Olson would take back her
>> Macbook (so it could continue to sit unused in her overstuffed apartment
>> while she sits in front of her other, newer, fancier computer) once it
>> was retrieved from the police. I asked Christina Olson to let me get my
>> files off her Macbook before she took it back. She agreed. (I believe I
>> have the chat logs of this stored on the computer I'm currently
>> borrowing in lieu of not having a computer at all.) I recently found out
>> that she went behind my back & reclaimed the computer from the police
>> like a month ago. She casually revealed this via IM, following this
>> revelation up with a number of lovely statements including
>> *You are a pain in the ass to deal with*
>> /when ya stab me in the back, use my vulnerability due to police/court
>> custody to steal my fuckin files, you're damn right, I'm a motherfuckin
>> SCORPION & you haven't seen the half of it!/
>> and
>> *You are a failure as a human being* 
>> /BWAHAhaha yes Your Honor!/
>> The C-word was made for people like this. I don't like Christina Olson.
>> I don't wanna be her friend or talk to her. I just want my shit back.
>> She told me it totals 16GB & she's not willing to let me transfer it on
>> her thumb drive. I recently sold a painting so have enough $ to buy a
>> thumb drive that will hold 16GB. I don't think she's gonna communicate
>> with me, though, so I'm posting this in hopes The Community may help me
>> put some pressure on her to get my shit back. The computer is hers—no
>> problem—the personal files & info on it are mine. I know she hangs out
>> in the chat rooms quite a bit, if that helps. Daravinne = Christina Olson.
>> Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Signing off for the day NOW & I'll
>> be back again tomorrow (but less wordy, I promise)
>> +11+
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