[Noisebridge-discuss] leave (and associated belligerence)

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Please keep this off the list.   I am happy to mediate between the two of
you to amicably resolve differences.

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 11:09 PM, Mitchel McAllister
<xonimmortal at yahoo.com>wrote:

> I am finding this all rather ludicrous.
>  I asked  Dan one question: in what way was his yelling all overthe space
> and deliberately slamming things around being excellent.  Dan then got
> belligerent to me, while Tony sat there smirking at me. Dan was the one who
> escalated it. tried to make it a joke at my expense, and then demanded we
> "take it outside".
> He seemed to think that the threat of physical violence would make me back
> down. After we were both in the stairway, he quieted down,and once agian
> tried to make it all a joke. I told him that the time to admit he was wrong
> was not after blaming me for his actions or making me the butt of his
> so-called joke, and I was not happy with the factthat he thought he could
> make me back down with his belligerence.
> Dan made a big deal out of leaving at that point,saying he would come back
> to the meeting on Tuesday - which I had not even mentioned.  Then he went
> around the corner, got stoned, and came back.
> Obviously, my "threats" according to Tony were truly hoorifying to Dan.
> I am not surprised at all that Tony is jumping in with a bunch of false
> accusations.  I did not have a knife at any time last night. Tony knows
> this, as do the other people in the space. This is another pathetic attempt
> by Tony to make himself the center of attention, at the expense of anyone
> else.
> Frankly, neither Tony nor Dan can keep me out of the space. I do a lot
> more than either one of them does; for one thing I don't intentionally
> disrupt the space. I let other people work on their stuff. And I don't have
> to put others down to justify my existence.
> I hear about how Dan does so much - when all he's done is move an
> increasingly-larger pile of junk for spot to spot.
> I suppose we are also supposed to be grateful for all the help that Tony
> *wasn't* during the fundraiser - many people in the community will agree
> that he rarely, if ever, follows through on his promises to help, and
> usually leaves the burden for others to pick up. But he is the first and
> loudest to denigrate the contributions of others. He's constantly insulting
> and verbally abusive to others in the space, to the point he's made the
> space hostile towards at least five people that I know of that were trying
> to be part of the community. He constantly slaps derisive labels on others,
> as if he is the arbiter of taste, a mental health professional, and the
> Noisebridge Artist/Writer in Residence.  And he is constantly making
> "suggestions" of rules or standards that he refuses to follow himself.
> I am not the one who started this mess. I am not the one who verbally
> vomited onto the list. But it doesn't surprise me that someone like Dan and
> Tony are taken at better-than-face-value at Noisebridge. It's up to
> Noisebridge if you all want to support the kind of person that sent the
> message below.
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> Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 7:10:51 pm
> To: "Mitchel McAllister" <XonImmortal at yahoo.com>
> From: "Tony Longshanks LeTigre" <anthonyletigre at gmail.com>
> Subject: leave
> You have a very hostile attitude. You reportedly drew a knife & other
> weapons on Dan last night. You contribute nothing to the (physical) space
> that I'm aware of other than occasionally washing the dishes in an
> extremely pissy manner. (Something other people do all the time with much
> less attitude.) Leave Noisebridge. Take a break. I'm doing it, you should
> too. Come back next Tuesday. Don't come back at all. See if I care!
> Pull a knife on me & die.
> +11+
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