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* WE're getting a 'group' together to do distance shooting (1,000m/yds+)
with accuracy at ALL different times of a day/night in different

* of course any night shooters will use i.r. optics and must have it
mounted NOT use a spotter...
(no spotters will be allowed/used).

* we will be hacking different  kinds of targets hopefully using arduinos,
led's, robotics, a.i., and many other things...

* just like backpacking we will practice 'leave no trace' cleanup when in
the field...

* people will be welcome to come and help with targets and challenge us if
they don't want to shoot but want to come...

* and of course kids are welcome and there will be kids of different
ages/sexes shooting/learning/teaching...

* there will be no division of labor or separation of sexes shooting or
doing all other tasks (everyone does everything save those that aren't

requirements and costs:
1. the desire to hack/make/create cool shit and teach/learn from others
2. rifle(s) spec'd for 1,000m/yds+ and whatever ammo you want to use or are
3. highly recommend good optic but if you're THAT good it's up to
you(commence wagering)
4. if coming with us at night, an i.r. optic
5. safety, safety, safety awareness and due dilligence
6. MUST love kids and dogs
7. costs flexible to above and fuel/food other obvious outlay(s)
8. carpooling will occur and is encouraged preferably in 4X4 vehicles

note: we will be sponsoring people to go that otherwise couldn't and
welcome you to do the same

note: there will be multi-day trips with rucksacks as well where we are
dropped off and bushcraft for however long we want carrying ultra-light
targets and bushcraft hacking others carrying everything out with us (e.g.
spent shells, trash, et.al). this will include orienteering hacking...

note to targeters: this will be really fun as you can hack targets, share
ideas on hacking targets, come along and place them to challenge the shit
out of us, learn long range shooting, blow shit up...

* there are many other things that are involved in this and that will come

* hit me offlist if interested...

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