[Noisebridge-discuss] Electronics Component Stores in the NoCal area?

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Wed Apr 24 23:33:19 UTC 2013

Jarek Lupinski writes:

> I was wondering if there are any stores in the NoCal area (I'm willing to
> drive far and wide to explore new places) that sell things like switches,
> ICs, capacitors, kits, tools, and other interesting hackables, something
> like a hardcore Radio Shack or maybe even a decrepit warehouse filled with
> tubes from the 50's? If you have any places like that you've been to and
> can share experiences and the address, let me know on- or off-list!


http://halted.com/ (Santa Clara)
http://www.weirdstuff.com/ (Sunnyvale)
http://allashers.com/ (Berkeley)

Plus the pretty enjoyable Fry's Electronics chain, which mostly does
consumer electronics but has a large components and tools sections
(definitely at least "a hardcore Radio Shack").

http://www.frys.com/ (in several Bay Area cities)

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