[Noisebridge-discuss] BeagleBone Black + Alfa awus036nhr = headache for Alcides...

Alcides Gutierrez alcides888 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 05:54:25 UTC 2013

Hi everyone. I've been trying to figure this thing out for a week or two
and I really only have Thursdays to actually focus on it. I've actually got
two BBBs and two Alfa dongles. I'm trying to turn them both into cjdns
(mesh) nodes and peer them, but I can't quite figure out the wifi interface

I'm a linux newb and I know Debian (on my BBB) is not supposed to be my
first try, but I'm going for it anyway. I'll be at Noisebridge Thursday
(12pm~6pmish) trying to get my head around this and also unbrick my router.
If anyone has any advice, I'd be most grateful.

Alcides Gutierrez
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