[Noisebridge-discuss] HOWTO: Using the vinyl cutter

Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Tue Aug 27 23:58:06 UTC 2013

I suppose it's time I get off my butt - enough people have been asking
for it.


Vinyl Cutter Intro Workshop
Wednesday, September 11, 19:30

Learn how to use Noisebridge's supremely awesome Vinyl Cutter!

In this approximately hour-long workshop I'll go over
* How to generate a cuttable SVG in Inkscape
* How to calibrate the blade height
* How to load new vinyl in the cutter
* How to cut your awesome new sticker
* How to weed your new sticker
* How to use transfer paper

Come one, come all, bring a SVG for cutting.

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