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Fri Aug 30 22:23:46 UTC 2013

You can. Please feel free to dismantle them.


On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 11:38 AM, Scotty Allen <scotty at scottyallen.com>

>> Noisebridge is not a hostel, hotel, or a place to live.   While it's a place
>> to /learn/ how to cook things, or hack with food, it's not a place to MAKE
>> food for your own consumption outside of the odd Microwave Burrito.
>> There are far, far better places to do those things.
> And yet, many users of the kitchen and the overnight sleeping
> facilities consider Noisebridge, out of the places they have available
> to them, the best place to do those things.  And therein lies the
> problem.
> It will continue to be a problem until Noisebridge becomes less
> attractive than the other options available.
> It still boggles my mind that Noisebridge has bunk beds.  How can
> anyone say that say sleeping isn't permitted at Noisebridge with a
> straight face when there are purpose built beds in the corner of the
> room?  "Oh, yes, those are definitely bunk beds, but despite
> appearances, they're not for sleeping."
> Can we declare that experiment a failure already?
> -Scotty
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