[Noisebridge-discuss] Story Telling App Invitation

gardner at invulnerable.org gardner at invulnerable.org
Mon Dec 9 18:49:56 UTC 2013

   By day, I work on a story telling application for the iPad. It 
effectively democratizes story telling by allowing everyone to make 
videos with motion graphics, graphics & images, with narration and 
music. You can check out a video that I made for a project that I am 
working on here: http://www.401b.org/ I made that video during the BSR 
hackathon in about 20 minutes.

We are running a private beta and I would like to invite y'all to 
participate. It is free-as-in-beer and the pseudo-anonymous analytics 
tracking starts here: http://bit.ly/gingergbinvite


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