[Noisebridge-discuss] Asking some different questions with Premeditated Good Intent.

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 18:42:08 UTC 2013

Being blunt and diagnostic,  the Sleepers issue WILL become an Iceberg
Wedge for NB's Socio-poiitical Chasms. From that? Are we becoming
dismissive of our fellow humans the way our Kleptocratic Elite wishes us
all to become?

And are we so blinded by our technotoys and faux cultures that we forget
what went before such as the Diggers? They are the Antimatter to
Kleptocracy and presented to show what a middle SOCIAL ground we Hackers
can engender.

I beg for calm reason as we've had several person-centuries more effort
spent on dramas both interpersonal in the space and electronic. With damned
near to zero addressing just why in our shared *HELLS*the core problems
exist at all.

Hackerspaces are not hostels for the homeless-

Statement as opposed to query.  The answer to anyone asking "why not" is
that A Hackerspace has a vastly different Set&Setting than a Hostel- FULL
STOP  Discussion on that point Fracking well should be over.  OVER.unless
one wishes to openly challenge what NON_Hacking stuff a Hackerspace is and
is not tasked with *WITHIN ITS WALLS* as a seperate conversation we'd all
gain from. /Just NOT on justifying sleepers in a Hacking Area.

All that to my shocker points of screaming for social awareness:


Read the stuff there. Contemplate a world that reverses that horrible loss
of safe clean housing. SOCIAL HACKING,  my friends- transcends mere
political rhetoric.

I hope we all can BE Excellent and Hack a SOLVING for both homelesness and
our Sleeper conflict.
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