[Noisebridge-discuss] questions for anyone who has participated in noisebridge

jim jim at systemateka.com
Mon Dec 9 22:21:56 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-12-09 at 10:33 -0800, Praveen Sinha wrote:
> One of the things I'm trying to do this year is to be more
> user-storied and data-centric in my approaches to tackling problems.
>  In this vein, I would really like to know from the broader
> Noisebridge community what their experiences have been at the
> 'bridge.  I have 3 open ended questions, and the answers can be short
> or long, just whatever first comes to mind.  I'd love to hear from you
> whether or not you are active at nb and regardless of your
> "membership" status.  
> * How did you wind up coming to noisebridge first?
JS: heard about people planning a space for 
techies and artists to work on their projects 
and there would be a prominent electronic 

> * Why did you participate in noisebridge? 
JS: to try to build the hope for a space 
that accepted a wide variety of people 
and interests. 

> * What were some of the experiences or projects that have stood out
> for you? 
JS: Michael Kan's lazer: he teasingly 
claimed he made a lazer out of nothing. 
In fact he put together a microwave 
step up transformer and some wires to 
create an arc within the guide rail 
of an ink jet printer; the arc triggered 
nitrogen atoms in the air in the gap and 
that generated the lazer beam. 
> Feel free to email me privately if you don't want to answer publicly.
> Much love,
> Praveen
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