[Noisebridge-discuss] Thought crimes at Noisebridge, and how can we stop them?

jim jim at well.com
Thu Dec 19 17:46:59 UTC 2013

    Trying to find community is a matter of bonding 
with others, yes? Why not come and find others who 
share your values and interests and, with respect 
to others, live and let live? 
    One big and largely ignored fact of NB is that 
there are several communities, such as the morning, 
mid-day, evening, and late evening people as well 
as those that center about electronics, sewing, 
software, cooking, spacebridge, and other interests. 
    It's unfortunate for some, who are harmless or 
who offer real benefits to some others, that the 
evening crowd has a much greater affect than others 
regarding NB governance, and one of the founding 
principles has been to recognize those who, for 
whatever reasons, do not or can not attend 
The Tuesday Night Meeting. 

    You've exaggerated the bad features and skipped 
the good features of Noisebridge. A couple of good 
features are 
* the openness provides a great place to meet people 
  that one otherwise would never meet. 
* cross-fertilization of interests and ideas among 
  various interest groups. 

    Those who simply "hack" and avoid the fray are 
affected by the decisions of those who kick up the 
fray: e.g. associate members and closing hours among 
other tho't crimes. 
    The attempts to impose rules to govern mostly 
* mask individuals' behaviors (people can blind 
  themselves to reality with the comfort that there 
  are rules) 
* and, it seems to me having watched NB from its 
  inception, like medicines' side effects, rules 
  generally are not worth the enforcement efforts. 

    It's frustrating to put up with the bad sides of 
any community, but rules usually do not address many 
aspects of reality that drive behavior; patience is 
a tough road. 
    There have been individual, do-ocratic efforts to 
address theft, sleeping, drug use, and other problems 
that were successful and did not employ rules. 

    Most of the people I learned to love have left. 
I guess that's partly a matter of natural attrition, 
but I know for a fact that to some degree people have 
abandoned NB because of the rule makers rather than 
the rule breakers. 

On Wed, 2013-12-18 at 19:41 -0800, Madelynn Martiniere wrote:
> Trying to find community is a thought crime? My bad, I didn't realize
> the opinion of people who care about the future of the space were so
> criminal.
> Considering this statement in your previous email: 
> And let's be honest, Noisebridge in the last two years (or even from the
> beginning) hasn't been the best establishment to go flaunt around saying
> you're a member of. It's sort of like telling all your friends you're a
> paying member of the festering techno trash dump and care home for the
> socially dongz, while mice and rats run around inside your sports blazer.
> Are you saying that it's not worth fixing because it's so messed up?
> Because if so, then you're in no position to tell other people not to
> try. If you're that sick and tired of hearing other people try to fix
> a broken system, then I would suggest the alternative of just not
> participating in any discussion about the space. Just hack some
> things, and leave the rest of us to find productive solutions.
> Cheers,
> Madelynn
> > 
> > Rubin Abdi
> > December 18, 2013 6:37 PM
> > I'm getting sick and tired of people thinking they can fix
> > Noisebridge.
> > How can we put an end to this issue?
> > 
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