[Noisebridge-discuss] Thought crimes at Noisebridge, and how can we stop them?

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Thu Dec 19 19:35:33 UTC 2013

I agree with a lot (but not all) of this; in particular I do think
that having the Tuesday meeting as the only face-to-face way to
bubbling issues from one group to wider communities isn't great. I
often think the Tuesday meeting is unrepresentative of the rest of the

My last two consensus proposals are partly aimed at improving that a
little. https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Current_Consensus_Items

I also think that this could be fixed with some sort of wider
inter-communication. I used to do this, but it was a lot of work just
on my own.


On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 9:46 AM, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:
>     Trying to find community is a matter of bonding
> with others, yes? Why not come and find others who
> share your values and interests and, with respect
> to others, live and let live?
>     One big and largely ignored fact of NB is that
> there are several communities, such as the morning,
> mid-day, evening, and late evening people as well
> as those that center about electronics, sewing,
> software, cooking, spacebridge, and other interests.
>     It's unfortunate for some, who are harmless or
> who offer real benefits to some others, that the
> evening crowd has a much greater affect than others
> regarding NB governance, and one of the founding
> principles has been to recognize those who, for
> whatever reasons, do not or can not attend
> The Tuesday Night Meeting.
>     You've exaggerated the bad features and skipped
> the good features of Noisebridge. A couple of good
> features are
> * the openness provides a great place to meet people
>   that one otherwise would never meet.
> * cross-fertilization of interests and ideas among
>   various interest groups.
>     Those who simply "hack" and avoid the fray are
> affected by the decisions of those who kick up the
> fray: e.g. associate members and closing hours among
> other tho't crimes.
>     The attempts to impose rules to govern mostly
> * mask individuals' behaviors (people can blind
>   themselves to reality with the comfort that there
>   are rules)
> * and, it seems to me having watched NB from its
>   inception, like medicines' side effects, rules
>   generally are not worth the enforcement efforts.
>     It's frustrating to put up with the bad sides of
> any community, but rules usually do not address many
> aspects of reality that drive behavior; patience is
> a tough road.
>     There have been individual, do-ocratic efforts to
> address theft, sleeping, drug use, and other problems
> that were successful and did not employ rules.
>     Most of the people I learned to love have left.
> I guess that's partly a matter of natural attrition,
> but I know for a fact that to some degree people have
> abandoned NB because of the rule makers rather than
> the rule breakers.
> On Wed, 2013-12-18 at 19:41 -0800, Madelynn Martiniere wrote:
>> Trying to find community is a thought crime? My bad, I didn't realize
>> the opinion of people who care about the future of the space were so
>> criminal.
>> Considering this statement in your previous email:
>> And let's be honest, Noisebridge in the last two years (or even from the
>> beginning) hasn't been the best establishment to go flaunt around saying
>> you're a member of. It's sort of like telling all your friends you're a
>> paying member of the festering techno trash dump and care home for the
>> socially dongz, while mice and rats run around inside your sports blazer.
>> Are you saying that it's not worth fixing because it's so messed up?
>> Because if so, then you're in no position to tell other people not to
>> try. If you're that sick and tired of hearing other people try to fix
>> a broken system, then I would suggest the alternative of just not
>> participating in any discussion about the space. Just hack some
>> things, and leave the rest of us to find productive solutions.
>> Cheers,
>> Madelynn
>> >
>> > Rubin Abdi
>> > December 18, 2013 6:37 PM
>> > I'm getting sick and tired of people thinking they can fix
>> > Noisebridge.
>> > How can we put an end to this issue?
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