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J.C. r33lmm at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 13:29:52 UTC 2013

So far here's what the view of Hamburg from noisebridge has sounded (and
mostly looked) like...

[ some actual images here of there
http://www.flickr.com/photos/violetblue/sets/72157639039990414/ ]

It twas a bit of a bumpy start, stream wise most were not working as things
kicked off at 2am this morning, however I did manage to hack a combination
of an audio stream in a browser and a video stream via VLC to get a close

A few hours later (5am) things are running a little smoother, although the
wiki seems to be still be overloaded and down, fortunately I managed to get
an initial list of talks linked up locally before all that

The event opening seemed to be some rapid cut of various tech'ish videos
cut to techno (and/or Ramstein?) followed by the first talk "Do You Think
That's Funny?", which seemed to stray far from funny other than the
seemingly Math.random() insertion of child on stage.

Things got a little more interesting with "An introduction to Firmware
Analysis", although it was a bit tempting to jump over to "Seidenstra├če",
literally an implementation of the Internets as a series of tubes. Now
we're on to "10 Years of Fun with Embedded Devices" which is looking to be
a deep dive into OpenWRT.

Coming up at 7am is "07KINGSTON25 JAMAICA: MALARIA UPDATE Dispatches from
Fort Meade" aka what Manning actually got sentenced for. Keynote is at
10:30am, and Jacob on Tor follows at 11:30am.

If anyone feels like coming over to help hack some window shades for when
the sun comes up, will probably need it.

Official Streams:

Raw Feeds:

P.S. If you're here, there or anywhere, give a shout for talks that are
looking particularly interesting so we can stream them here or grab to


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