[Noisebridge-discuss] Rebirth of the metal Noisebridge sign

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Sat Dec 28 06:39:07 UTC 2013

* Al Sweigart <asweigart at gmail.com> [131225 20:35]:
> I like the metal look (it immediately conveys that the sign is solid
> metal, and not just painted over wood). Is there a clear protective
> coat we could give it?

A wax finish can protect steel from oxidization without obscuring the
beauty of raw metal. I used a wax finish (called "Good Stuff" I believe)
on some exhibits I built at the Exploratorium a while back. Last I heard
the "Oxygen Bubbles" exhibit was still on the floor...I used it on that.
Couldn't find anything about "Good Stuff" just now, but here's some
wax-finished-metal info:


> Chrome on the back is a good idea to add to the back-glow.

Simple bright-white paint will reflect more light than siver-ish chrome.


John Magolske

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