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Mon Dec 30 02:54:54 UTC 2013

On 12/29/2013 5:42:43 PM, "hep" <dis at gruntle.org> wrote:
>Are we really going to literally debate the semantics and levels at 
>which a white person is allowed to use the n word and have it somehow 
>not be offensive?

Some feel actions matters, some feel syllables matter. Personally, I 
feel one can NEVER say the N word, and still be a raging racist (certain 
politiians, for example).

People who say intentions don't matter, only syllables, a person is 
automatically a racist because of a syllable. I do not agree, and I 
consider that a corrosive position.

I think if we debate what words are offensive to whom, we'll wind up 
making lists of all the words that any one person finds offensive. I 
don't think that's sensible.

I agree that NB needs a harassment policy, or something like it. It just 
seems congruent with "be excellent to each other".

my concern is policy and policing. i spent a couple hours hanging out 
with the comedienne who used n, and she's a totally sweet, kind, humble 
person. She says wants nothing more than to bring joy and laughter into 
the world, and i believe her. She was clearly traumatized by getting 
literally shouted out of noisebridge, as she described it to me and J.C.

Is shouting people out the door for using a verboten syllable the 
noisebridge we want?

Personally, i'd call that abusive. I'd call that harassment.
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